My Fourth Year Work

Reading Analysis

Its that time of year when all of the fourth year BFA students are skittering around getting everything ready for their big day. I’m quite happy with how my work is turning out although there are a few snags that I could have done without, but Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Here’s a little sneak peek at what my fourth year work consists of.



Playing With Macro Techniques


I have a friend who was one of my inspirations to pursue photography and he taught me a macro technique that didn’t require a special lens (which blew my mind). You basically remove the stock lens, hold it backwards to the body of the camera and try focusing through it.

Not going to lie I spent countless hours traversing my parents yard finding interesting things to take close up photographs of and got some pretty interesting shots.

I even remember standing in on my cars door frame with my scarf laid out on top of it during a small snowfall trying to get the perfect snowflake photo. Needless to say I only stopped when my hands were so cold I couldn’t press the shutter button anymore